Monday, January 7, 2008

The Worst Playoff Odds Ever

...courtesy of John Hollinger.

Fire Joe Morgan beat me to it, but I still feel the need to elaborate on just how stupid these odds are.

Everyone knows that the NBA's Western Conference is superior to the East. Even your grandmother--who lives in a rest home in the middle of Siberia and thinks Michael Jackson is the king of basketball--knows this. Yet Hollinger has the West as, collectively, greater than 7-1 underdogs to win the NBA title.

Last year, the Spurs were 5-1 favorites in the Finals. This year, according to Hollinger, they'd be 14-1 dogs if they made it that far.

All in all, a classic example of why you should always check to see if playoff odds pass the laugh test. This one was funny enough to be optioned into a Farrelly Brothers movie.

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