Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Aaron Cook

Apparently I've missed this because no one in the mainstream has mentioned it, but the Rockies may be considering adding Aaron Cook to their World Series roster.

Will this help them out? Obviously it depends on whether he's ready to return. A healthy Cook would be a huge upgrade over Josh Fogg and a solid upgrade over Franklin Morales or Ubaldo Jimenez. Of course, if Cook does come back, it may be as a long reliever, or maybe he pushes Morales out of the rotation instead of Fogg. Maybe Clint Hurdle will feel the same way he did with the NLCS roster: that he doesn't want to shake up a winning formula.

Whatever the case, it appears unlikely Hurdle will play his cards optimally. Still, this is something to consider; Cook could give the Rockies a fighting chance in the World Series if he's all the way back.

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