Sunday, October 7, 2007

10/8 Update

Team DivS% LCS% WS%

Boston 100.0 56.8 41.6
Cleveland 71.6 29.5 19.4
New York 28.4 13.7 10.2

Arizona 100.0 48.6 14.8
Colorado 100.0 51.4 14.0

If Eric Wedge grows a brain and starts C.C. Sabathia in Game 4, this changes to:

Team DivS% LCS% WS%

Boston 100.0 57.0 41.8
Cleveland 74.1 30.5 20.1
New York 25.9 12.5 9.3

Arizona 100.0 48.6 14.9
Colorado 100.0 51.4 14.0

Looks better, doesn't it? Maybe Wedge is a square and bet on the Yankees.

Edit: Why did the Ari/Col numbers change, you ask? I reduced the impact of a variable to account for Brandon Webb starting three games in the series, because I haven't seen any indications that it will happen.


Sean said...

Seems like the Dbacks are worthy of a small bet for the series based on your %'s

j holz said...

could be, but the current Arizona line for game 1 seems to already offer more of an edge than the series line.

if anyone trustworthy wants to bet the Ari series line, i'll fade your action, because my portfolio is very heavily imbalanced on 'Zona. let me know.