Tuesday, October 16, 2007

10/16 Update

Team LCS% WS%

Boston 37.8 28.1
Cleveland 62.2 40.8

Colorado 100.0 31.1

The Rockies pull ahead of Boston for the first time this season. Still, look at the contrast in their LCS percentages despite the similar WS numbers.

Again, it's possible I'm being too hard on Colorado here, but I still think the individual WS game lines will make these numbers seem reasonable when all is said and done. Here are some sample moneylines I actually used in the calculations for these percentages:

Cleveland (Westbrook) -107 @ Colorado (Fogg) +107
Cleveland (Sabathia) -105 @ Colorado (Francis) +105
Boston (Beckett) -118 @ Colorado (Francis) +118

Do these numbers look terribly unrealistic to anyone? The only problem is that these are among the MOST favorable matchups for the Rockies; they will be big underdogs in every road game. Colorado doesn't really have a great option at DH, and they face a top pitcher (or the solid Jake Westbrook) every time they play in Jacobs Field or Fenway Park.

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